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Once you pick your puppy, a deposit will hold it until weaning. At that time the puppy can be picked up or delivered. Balance is due before the puppy can leave. 

Important Information


Age appropriate vaccinations starting between 4 to 6 weeks. Secondary DHPP, Bordatella vaccinations with Veterinary Check up at 8 to 10 weeks. 


Puppies must visit your licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pick up with further vaccinations to be followed We do not offer refunds on healthy puppies. Parvo or distemper within 7 days of pickup or grade 4 or more heart murmur will facilitate replacement with similar puppy when available. Common parasites are very common and very easily treated. All of our adults dogs and puppies are treated for all parasites on a regular basis. 


Health guarantee as stipulated above. Any health condition which would not allow the puppy to be a typical pet should be disclosed at the first veterinary visit.  The new owner/guardian/pet parent becomes  responsible for all veterinary bills at time of purchase/pick up/possession time as agreed upon. Any liability or  court actions will take place in the State of Iowa, Linn County. 


We strongly encourage the new family  enroll, with their puppy in pet education and training classes after completetion of the vaccination series.  While we have some resources available, taking your pet to a new place to interact with other people and animals in a controlled environment is invaluable the puppy and your family. 

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